This is Shadowrun

Working 9 till 5

What a way to make a living.

Down in town in old Houston town, this on what seems to be drop bears home turf, maybe the bear can help out with local knowledge, if he can remember that far back. Jury is out on that one. 

So our intrepid runners have gotten to the meeting place. a large office block. Oh god corp boys, I feel sorry for them, douche bag city! This was brought home by the choice of elevator musak, while in the elevator our helpful techie tried to look up the office details via the camera.

While on the way the way to the office they overheard some of a conversation the bears friend was speaking to one of his colleagues, not a great conversation, more of an argument. Well after that the meet went ok, the pay, that was the real question, the pay for the job in question was 25k plus 10k expenses. But what was the job?

The job was simple, investigate the johnsons oil deposit ground works site. Oil, lovely, lovely oil! Black gold, Makes Game cat think of those dangerous black feathers. Enough of that talk of feathers, they are so last month. Mexican elves on the other hand… We are near Atzlan after all. 

So the runners got some in formation from our johnson. An address of one: Gary Anderson. When they left to go see him the van had gone, where had it gone? They left Wraith with it. turns out she moved it… Oh Wraith what will we do with you? insert canned laughter

Anyhow feathers to do, Gamecat out!


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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