This is Shadowrun

No Rhyme or reason

Ok maybe a rhyme

Feathers here,

Feathers there,

Feathers fucking everywhere,

Feathers for me,

Feathers for you,

But who cares, 



Well well Kitlings, hoped you liked that little ditty. What has Game Cat got in store for you?

Well it seems our runners are laying low, Ladron is paranoid old Azzie is gunna track her down. Wraith wants to dissapear. The P.I is doing whatever P.i's do. The psyco chicalita, well she is, looking for things to shoot, playing with guns is bad for the health, maybe Game Cat should come out of hiding and tell her? What do you think? Send any thoughts to the usual receptacle.  That leaves us with Drop Bear. Dear sweet Drop Bear, the apple in Game Cats eye. A mystery wrapped in a CAS born nugget of Tex-Mex mishmash brought to you via a fist of troll sized proportions. What has he been up to? Who knows? Whatever Drop Bears do i guess.

Back at the beginning Game Cat has lied to you. My little Rhyme to give you the reason of my words. Well what could it mean? Has there been an influx of these feathers of all kind? What are they? Are they magic? Are they Tech? Game Cat's suspicions are the former. Tartarus thought so too. 

Since our friend Dagon mysteriously disappeared into the open corporate arms of Mitsuhama things went all quiet on the feather front. No one has even entered old Dagon's apartment and Ladron would know. But let me tell you this. Game Cat has something of a surprise in his his bag of shenanigans. A lovely bit of pay data a nice hacker friend of mine got from a lab down south. Feather details, I will be bringing you the best knowledge the Game Cat can get his grubby little mits on when He has experienced them main lined. It's gunna be a ride!

Game Cat out!


>>Ey, ‘GC’, just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren’t out to get you, you know what I am saying?

Just because we are leaving Seattle for a while, does not mean we will be gone long. A moving target is harder to hit, but this city has… opportunities… that I think we will be back to enjoy sooner or later.

We also need a cool team name. I vote Team Ladron.

No Rhyme or reason

v00d00 >> I’d be surprised if these chummers even get any more work after this. What Johnson is gonna want their help after their last one ended up geeked live on trideo?

Señor Massacre >> Plenty of desperate Johnsons with short memories out there, amigo. As Señor Massacre always says, where there’s death to be made, there’s a price to be paid!

No Rhyme or reason
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