This is Shadowrun

In the Beginning there was a johnson,

And that johnson was a lady

in the beginning there was a lady, she went to see a private eye about her brother. You see he had gone missing and she was worried as she had received a message from him over her commlink which was:

"Sis please, you gotta help! I am in real bad trouble! Please did this is serious! Meet me in that place i hid that thing that time!" The sound of gunfire rippled in the background. "PLEASE! Help me!" And the line cut off.

She offered to pay him and a team for the trouble of looking for him, she was so worried. You could say that she was desperate, desperate enough to pay a lot of Nuyen. It was an offer a private eye couldn't refuse.

And so a team was gathered for this mission of rescue. There was Ladron, a snarky Azzie technomancer, Lee-Loo an ex ganger street samurai, Wraith a covert ops specialist, Drop-Bear a Texan weapons specialist and Tartarus our intrepid P.I.

So they met in their local drinking hole a club called 'The Cherry Bomb' in downtown Seattle where Tartarus told them about the job. To locate and rescue if needed a guy called Gene 'Dagon' Foster, and they were being paid by his sister Charlotte Foster. They had found out that she was supposed to meet him in a derelict train station down in Redmond.

Ladron phoned the client and got her to forward the message to her. Then using the mystical abilities of the matrix she traced it back to where the call should have been made from. It was 2 blocks from the train station. In preparation she summoned a sprite which took the form of a german heavy hammer man called Rinehart.

After having a wash and getting ready they went over to Redmond to attempt to track down where the coms message came from. When there they got there they found they were in the Crimson Crush territory. After a short conversation which included the query:

"Speaking of the circus I believe there was a firefight here not to long ago."

They found out some mexican elves had paid the gang to steer clear and not interfere…


The plot thickens.


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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