This is Shadowrun

Bang for your buck

The end

Well hoi hoi kitlings,

What a roller coaster ride that was. No mexican elves but things have finally come to an end. Was there a body count in the drawing moments? Of course there was. Did our runners survive? Of course they did, alive to run another day.

We left our runners having been ambushed at the park in Everett, the gunplay having been caught on camera. The news dropped while they were still in the truck, accused of a kidapping our Johnson it seemed like the end had come for our runners. Would the big house be callign their names?

Luckily not, it seemed a certain Mr Lazlo had a different idea. Our Johnson's boss was aware of the PR nightmare that was the fight in the park he called her up and convinced her she needed to take part in a press release debunking the kidnapping story. They drop her off and hand her over to her parent corp. Ladron tracked the van through the matrix back to it's location, a corp facility back in Everett, all seemed genuine.

Back at the Cherry Bomb our runners were catching up on some z's or just waking up to get some breakfast down at the club when some professional rats came a scurrying in. By professional rats i mean corp Johnsons. They wanted to buy something from our runners. They wanted to buy our friend 'Dagon'. So what did our runners do? What every self respecting runner would do, check out who the hell they were, in this case a duet of Johnsons from Mitsuhama by the names of Ray Tinner and Nita Kesor, then hatch a plan to get paid twice for the same job.

Then the news broke, on the bar's trideo came the press conferance. There she was, Charlotte Foster standing next to Mr Lazlo in front of the gathered press. She did a stalwart job in clearing our runners names of any wrong doing by stating quite publicly that they were her bodyguards defending her from an attack by a rival corp, still no mexican elves however. Then without warning her face exploded outward towards the cameras as she was shot int he back of the head. Mr Lazlo caught her and looked genuinely shocked his face pale at what he now had in his arms. He ducked out out of shot still holding her as chaos erupted around them.

So, with our Johnson out for the count what will our runners do? It just so happens that before the press conference they had spoken to their lovely Johnson and she had told them that her brother had contacted her not only that but where the meet was. It was a simple case of contacting the two at Mitsuhama and arranging a meet. When they got Dagon though he had an unused feather with him, looks like the cash would be rolling in for the runners. One hand over later and the runners had one hell of a payout. Not bad for a run gone wrong.

I wonder where the Mexican elves came in though?

Well kitlings,

See you next time! 


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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