Game Cat productions presents:

Curious Case of the Dame and the Feather

It started with a dame. A dame with a missing brother. She came into the office with worry in her eyes. She pleaded and begged for me to help. How could i turn her down? A damsel in distress is a classic and to do this for her would be my duty. So I hit the streets, with my friends in tow we searched Jet City far and wide.

It was raining as it does, the rain washing away the crime and dirt of the night before. when we got a lead to go to a derelict train station. Going there we came across the tall archaic building, glass smashed and shadows looming. Some gangers were waiting, bullets ricocheted off the surroundings but we survived. The gangers, they did not.

A clue, by means of a note lead us to the brothers apartment. It looked like it had been trashed but we found a feather, a bad feather that just seemed wrong. Could this be the reason why he went missing? He was a good for nothing junkie after all. Why this dame was so concerned who knows, but she was the one holding the cash, and a man has gotta earn cash to eat.

A comcall, the Dame being followed wanted to meet up. We went to the park and well what would you know? An ambush. Getting out of there quick our names dragged through the mud by the press. This wouldn't look good. She said she would back us up if things went bad, they went bad.

Some city slickers came to visit, wanted to pay us to go back on our word, give the brother to them and we would get big bucks. Could we do it? The others thought so. On the trideo, the Dame in all her glory speaking to the press, bit the big one. No pay now and no employer. We contacted the slickers to try to rescue the situation. In the end we got paid but not the way we expected.

This is Shadowrun

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