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Foxfire Carnation

Bob, Bob, I tickled a dog!

Well, you see, in the latest episode of Foxfire Carnation, a show Ladron has gotten me onto watching Ekatarina was hit by a truck while trying to cross a road and rescue little Diego who was being abducted by the nasty piece of work Pablo. Well that lead to her going into a coma, while in the coma her husband Bob entered into an affair with her identical twin sister. When Ekatarina awoke from her slumber she wandered out of the hospital and walked around the streets, every time she saw a dog she utterly freaked out and ran away. She eventually found her way home where her husband and sister were doing the dirty, they heard her come in and her sister climbed out the window and escaped. Bob was all sweetness and light the dastardly devil. She told him of her fear of dogs and didn't know where it came from but he didn't care, that night they shared a night of latin passion. So the next day we follow Ekatarina where she is told by one of her friends how Bob has been acting while she was away and that lead to a loud and long argument between the two with many slaps, almost an all out brawl. it was clear Ekatarina did not believe her friend. It was after this argument that a dog came up to her, one she seemed to recognize from her coma dreams. She wasn't scared of this one, in fact she stroked it and tickled it. Well that was it she ran home through the small town into her house and caught her sister and Bob doing the dirty though not before she had yelled out excitedly 'Bob, Bob I tickled a dog!' Well it seems like Bob was doing the same. And a three way argument started. Once that was over she stormed out of the house and there was that one dog waiting for her. It seemed to want her to follow it, which of course she did. Through the town it took her to an old warehouse on the outskirts, she could hear a noise from inside. Sneaking in she found poor little Diego tied to a chair, she rescued the little chap. it then cut to a short scene of Maria, Ekatarinas sister kissing Pablo and the credits rolled. What on earth is gunna happen next week? How on earth did they fit all that into a 30 minute show? All i can say is thanks Ladron, i owe ya.

On on that note i did a little research and found out they changed the actress for Maria because the last one got in trouble with cartels and her head was delivered to the director. Lovely.

So Anderson lived in a shitty part of town and our intrepid troupe went to go go and see him. Well he lived next door to a quite popular Mariachi band and hated their music, it was sending him and his dog utterly doo lally. They managed to find out some information from him, a guy called Sanchez was in Housten Memorial Hospital in the mental ward. There were 20 or so guys on the team. There was definitely a number of deaths, he described how one was there one minute and gone the next with just a growing spread of blood int he water. 

So they left his house, the mariachi band playing a little ditty off to an army surplus store which was manned by a beardy guy in a faded camo t-shirt.

Well Kitlings as they say, that is that. So what happened to the rigger they were going to meet? What's going to happen at the dig site? Will Maria and Diego get caught out? Is Ekatarina scared of all dogs except that one? Will Bob leave Ekatarina for Maria? Who knows?

Gamecat Out!


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