Nikita "Wraith" Doe

Rogue corp espionage agent, was the victim of mental and physical conditioning. Something happened and she woke in an alley with no memory. Found her way to the cherry bomb where someone took her in.


Unspent Karma: 4

Total Karma: 35

A – Attributes (24)
B – Skills (36)
C – Resources (140k)
D – Metatype (Elf)
E – Magic

Body: 5
Agility: 7(8)
Reaction: 5
Strength: 4(5)
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3
Edge: 2
Essence: 4.70

Initiative: 9+1d6

Ambidextrous (4) Removes negative modifier for weapons in off-hand
Catlike (7) +2d6 to Sneaking tests
Low-light Vision (0)
Natural Athlete (7) +2d6 to Running & Gymnastics tests
Surface Amnesia (Gm awarded, points spent elsewhere)

Active Skills

Athletics Skill Group: 5

  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Swimming

Automatics: 5
Blades: 5
Escape Artist: 3
Locksmith: 3
Perception: 3
Pilot Ground Craft: 2
Sneaking: 5
Tracking: 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Exotic Ranged Weapon: 4
Exotic Ranged Weapon: 2 (Karma)

Knowledge Skills

Assassination Methods (Professional): 4
Local Knowledge – Cherry Bomb patrons: 3
Language – English: Native
Music Genre; Neon Funk (Interest): 3
Poisons / Toxins (Professional): 4

Physical: 7
Mental: 5
Social: 6
Astral: 6

Cyberware & Bioware

  • Commlink (Erika Elite)


  • Bone Density Augmentation (R2)
  • Muscle Augmentation (R1)
  • Muscle Toner (R1)
  • Synthacardium (R1)

Parashield Dart Pistol + External Smartgun System
Ingram Smartgun X

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit + helmet
Chameleon Suit

Gear + Ammo
Grapple Gun + 4x 100m Stealth Rope & Catalyst Stick

Goggles (R3)

  • Flare Compensation
  • Vision Enhancement (R1)
  • Smartlink

20 Narcojet
20 Injection Darts
200 SMG Ammo
50 SMG Hollow Points
50 SMG Stick-n-shock
6 Spare Clips
Respirator (R1)
Climbing Gear + Rappelling Gloves
Lockpick Set
Fake SIN (R2) – Erika Cross

Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike)

Middle Apartment
Cash: 2815¥

Dr. Javier “Black Lung” Lopez – Street Doc – Connection 1, Loyalty 3
Ricky Santos – “Cherry Bomb” Club Owner – Connection 4, Loyalty 4

Physical description
Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Slender, athletic build
Fairly plain facially, with few distinguishing marks


“It’ll be quick, clean and quiet. Just the way I like it.”

“Is she anything but a weapon? Are any of them? Are they even aware of what we’re making them do? These assets, these… people… They’re just blades in the dark, and we’re the ones holding the grip. That makes us the killers; they’re just the tools of the trade.”

Nikita Doe is, obviously, not her real name. Not even she herself is sure who she used to be before waking up in a alley one day with an agonizing headache, a fake SIN, and no memory of where or who she was. Stumbling towards civilization, she soon discovered the rather specific set of skills she apparently possessed at the expense of a group of muggers who picked the wrong Elf to try and make a quick buck from.

She was subsequently found and given help to get back onto her feet by Ricky Santos, owner of a club in Downtown called “Cherry Bomb” – a known meeting-place for Shadowrunners and those looking to conduct business of dubious legality. Through a few contacts Ricky was able to get the Elf seen by Dr. Javier “Black Lung” Lopez who determined that she had not only been on the receiving end of a suite of physical Bioware augmentations, but also displayed residual symptoms of mental conditioning. In the days of Shadowrunning and rampant corporate espionage of a more subtle nature, the idea that a person or persons could be commissioned and modified especially for this purpose is not all that far fetched, especially to those of a more suspicious nature.

One safety deposit box opened with her fake SIN details later, she found her way to a safehouse apartment in one of the slightly less scummy areas of town which contained enough hardware to more or less confirm the hypothesis that she had been a corporate wetwork agent. With access to contacts to find work via the club, zero ties to whoever she was beforehand, and the physical ability to do the work, becoming a Shadowrunner herself seemed only logical. She took the name Nikita Doe and the callsign “Wraith” which seemed apt given the incorporeal nature of her past.

She has since been working in and around Seattle on various small-time jobs for clients who don’t want too many questions asked, with a fair amount of success. While some small part of her hopes to some day discover more about who she used to be, the rational part of her mind knows that she’s probably better off remaining ignorant.

Nikita "Wraith" Doe

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