This is Shadowrun

Spies, Johnsons and Elves...

Oh my!

Tempers ran high, an argument, some accusations. Could one of our favourite runners be a corp spy? Drop Bear thought so, accusing Ladron of this heinous crime. Luckily the others talked him down and they decided to leave the barrens heading back to the Cherry Bomb. This could have been faltered by a minor security check while passing through to Bellvue.

Once back at the club they had a plan. They wanted to meet the client. The music was pumping, the night was getting livelier. Wraith went to her friend, the club owner. You see she wanted to get some new gear, a chameleon suit, too bad Ricky couldn't get one. Drop bear on the other hand went over the road to a local mum and pop shop to buy a burner commlink. Coming back to the table with his wares he gave it to Tartarus, who promptly broke the casing. He never was good with tech. 

He contacted the client, they spoke briefly and agreed she would come to the club after work. At 2am she arrived, the gang spent the intervening time with getting drunk and dancing badly. 

The client arrived and was met with a group wanting to give up on their search. They wanted paying more, she said she couldn't afford to pay them more than 500 each. Were there some crossed wires? They thought it was 500 to share. They showed her the note her brother left, she suggested looking at his apartment over in Darlington, an area in Everett. 

What also came to light was her brothers penchant for intoxicants. He loved them, she had tried to help him int he past but there was nothing she could do. Ladron meanwhile checked her online presence fearing she was a corp spy, noticing a theme? Our young Charlotte Foster works for Allied Interactions, a subsidiary of Saeder Krupp which specialised in social media. With that she had to go and the characters retired to their beds.

The next day was another step in the investigation. They got up, they met for breakfast at the Bomb and 2 hours later they were in Everett. Ladron hacked the building security to send her a message if anyone broke into the apartment. Driving up to the building they parked up and approached. 

Their first hurdle was getting into the building. This wasn't a slum, they couldn't just walk in. They walked around to the workman's entrance and knocked on the door. The super came to the door and the majority of them bluffed their way into the building by saying they were making a deliver. One didn't, Wraith decided she knew best, but it worked. No harm, no fowl.

Going up to the apartment they opened the door and well our intrepid PI lost his breakfast on the floor. The place was filthy, unwashed clothes, rotting food, all sorts of filth. Some intense searching revealed a number of things, well three. A lot of drug paraphernalia, An old fashioned address book and a clean shoe box under the bed. 

Drop Bear having taken his large gun with him just in case was checking for ambushes when a call came out from the bedroom.

"Drop Bear, Come here I need you."


"But I need you, It will just take a minute." They wanted him to push the box out from under the bed with his gun.

"No, that's when the Ninjas get you!" Well, you can't argue with that logic.

Eventually they got the box out even with the warnings from Tartarus about it feeling wrong and the fact that there seemed to be no wireless signal coming from it. It was a pretty tense moment, everyone was ready for something to go bang when the box was opened. Who opened it? That will be something that no one will ever know, all that is known is that it was opened and inside lay a single cream coloured feather with a dark brown mark on its stalk. 

That is when Ladron seemed to go into some sort of seizure…

Well that wasn't exactly action packed but it made some more questions come out of the woodwork. Where are the mexican elves? Where is the brother? Are there any corp spies? and what is the deal with that feather? Maybe there is a clue in that address book, who knows? Until next time this is game cat…

Signing out.


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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