This is Shadowrun

Party in the Park

Goes off with a bang

Slaughter At Walter E Hall Park

News just in; there have been reports of gunfire at Walter E Hall Part today as a woman was seemingly kidnapped in broad daylight by a number of unnamed assailants. There are a confirmed 3 dead individuals that were involved in the gunfight and 2 passers by were hit with stray shots. Public damage is at a minimum due to the openness of the terrain. No children were harmed physically but there were some present in view when the fight broke out.

A local security drone caught a majority of the fire fight on film, follow this link, to view the video (viewer discretion is advised). As you can see the five assailants consist of a confirmed one Troll and four Human companions. Using the images gained from the attached video we were unable to ascertain the identities of the individuals in question, Knight Errant have issued a reward for further information in the identities of those involved.

Our reporter down at the park has described the scene as horrific, the aftermath  of the fire fight has the park cordoned off by Knight Errant while forensics investigate. Our sources say that the victims are not UCAS nationals and SINS cannot be located, leading us to believe this could be possible Shadowrunner activity. The victim of the kidnapping is knows as Charlotte Foster, a worker in a small corp Allied Interactions. Could this be a corporate extraction gone awry? Who knows? If you know something please don't hesitate to let us know on the KSAF Lead site.

Well well Kitlings,

Looks as though our runners are getting themselves into some hot water. How are they going to get out of this? Will they be able to track down the brother? Will the sister know anything? I guess we will find out.

Peace out Kittlings.


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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