This is Shadowrun

Draining brains and fake seizures


Hello again kitlings,

Back with us and out intrepid group of shadowrunners who have just found the feather. Well Ladron seemed to have a seizure when she saw it, what was that all about? Who knows, just don't buy the bacon BTL. Is Ladron a secret Beetle head?

Looking through the address book they found a picture of a badly drawn feather next to an LTG number. Tracing it back to it's source found it was last used in Tacoma so it looks like it's back to the aroma for our little group. Not before Ladron called up some favours from one of her sprites. This one a slim purple sneaky woman in what seemed to be skin tight latex.


She sent this little sprite to go and find out when the device was being used. A simple task for a bunch of computer code to do while floating around in the matrix. No sooner had the taks been given when a ping came back in downtown, more specifically the ork underground. Back to downtown for our cadre.

Heading down there was easy, i mean these days it is pretty much a tourist attraction isn't it chummers? Well they went down there and they found him. The dealer in question, our feather man, was an ork with bright orange hair. They approached him and confronted him, he was slightly taken aback but dealt with it. They went back… guess where… To the Cherry Bomb, for a little talk with him.

What followed was a nice friendly chat with a drug dealer. Did he know Dagon? Yes, he was his best customer. Where did he get the feather? Online. Did he have any more? No. Why did he risk getting something he had no idea what it was from someone he didn't know? There was a lot of buzz around it as being the next big thing. Where online did he get it? A pop up site in Aztlan. What was the feather? A drug, you spear the back of your throat with it and it gives you a trip better than any BTL. What did the one that Dagon took do? It was called Brain Drain and was your standard horror trip, lots of paranoia, lots of fear, bucket loads of adrenilin, just what Dagon loved.

In all this came the gem:

'Are you a feather dealer or something?'

'What made you say that?'

'A little birdy told me.'

Ladron called up her cartel buddies, would they sell it. Sure they would if they could get some.

So Kitlings, where to now? Are we at a dead end? It seems they got everything they could from the dealer. What's going on with the group of runners that got wiped out? Who hired them? What's going on with all this feather jazz? And who are the Mexican elves?

Well, will we find out what is going on? That's it for this time Kitlings, see you again. This is Gamecat signing off.


ikeman2k ikeman2k

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