This is Shadowrun

And then there was death

this is my boom stick

The investigation into the missing person continued. Asking around the street was getting them nowhere then in a moment os inspiration Wraith asked a hobo. 45 Nuyen later they had a lead. In an alley just down the street they found a bullet hole in a bin, then more further down. They followed the bullet holes which lead them out to an opening across from the derelict train station the client directed them too.

When they went in to take a look around they noticed there were some armed people laying in wait. Wraith and Leelu sneaked around the back of the group and got them in their sights. While this was happening the rest of the group laid down suppressive fire keeping the enemy heads down while Wraith and Leelu picked them off.

10 seconds of gunfire later the remaining survivors ran away leaving corpses of their friends behind them. Drop-Bear acted fast and glomped them both keeping them down, not much can keep going once they have been Drop-Beared. They interrogated the survivors and found out where Dagon had stashed something before he left. Then they shot them… Murderers.

Stashed in a locker they discovered a note that was obviously written to his sister:

'Sis, I couldn't stay. Sorry, they were after me. They are all after me. Help me. I don't know what to do. When I escaped the lab, the runners, they helped me. I don't know what's going on, they are all dead!' The writing was erratic and rushed. Was it genuine? Or was it just the scribbled ramblings of a paranoid nut job.

So where too now? What was this lab that he mentioned? Who were these runners who apparently died? And who are those damned Mexican elves? Maybe next time we will get closer?


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